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Physical Exams for Adults

How to do a Physical Exam?The traditional Physical Exam still plays an important role in preventive medicine.

It is the one of the basic forms of examination allowing the physician to evaluate a wide variety of body parts and factors.

Palpitation, listening to vital organs such as the heart and lungs, tapping, and visual evaluation of the skin and other parts of the body are necessary by an experienced physician in order to provide an assessment of the person’s health.

Lab work can also be used to examine normal value ranges for cholesterol, glucose levels, red and white blood cell count, triglycerides, and many more indicators that can provide very important information.

A yearly check up can go a long in the maintaining a healthy life.In an age of long work hours, many times unhealthy diets, stress levels for both grown-ups and children, air pollution, among other factors, a Physical Exam can go a long way to detect any abnormalities in the human body before they become a problem.

It can also provide for guidance as to the need of the body for a needed change in diet or other environmental factors.

A yearly check up can go a long in the maintaining a healthy life.

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